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Stand Up for Peace!  Participate in the Perugia to Assisi march for Peace and Fraternity  
Sunday 9 October 2016
We live in a time of great tensions, conflicts and concerns. Every day we have to deal with complex problems and phenomena that have been ignored or underestimated for a long time. From poverty to jobs’ destruction, from wars to migration, from environmental devastation to climate change. Social, economic, environmental and political issues that often embrace the entire planet, inequalities and injustices that have not been tackled by those who have the power and the responsibility to intervene. Our life styles and our development model is unsustainable and generates injustices, crises and wars.
Moreover, dangerous ideas and policies are making their way through Europe. Narratives that increase fears, foster divisions, poison our relations, and hide possible solutions must be vigorously confronted.
A first dangerous narrative is that “we can do without Europe”, we have to go back to our national currencies and borders, rebuild walls and boundaries. Even if we do not like Europe as it is today, we cannot just throw it away. Without Europe, we would all be weak and vulnerable. Instead of destroying it we must re-build it, starting from the original objective of promoting of peace, social justice and solidarity.
Another dangerous narrative is that “we must prevent those seeking protection reach the borders of the EU”. This idea implies that Europe can succeed in isolation from other cultures and societies. A Europe that shuts the doors to those fleeing war and hunger, that treats refugees and immigrants as criminals, that does not want to acknowledge the root causes of these tragedies is a Europe that has lost humanity and that is destined to a rapid and inevitable decline. The institutions of the European Union, and its Member States have the responsibility to protect those in danger and ensure the respect of international human rights law.
Others argue that “solidarity is a luxury we can no longer afford”. This narrative sets the basis for a circle of fear, isolation that make us less tolerant towards humanity. It erodes our ability to deal with large and small challenges of our time just as we see that solidarity and cooperation are the foundation of coexistence.
In this context of selfishness and closures, another destructive idea is emerging: the idea that “war is inevitable” and so we have to be ready for it. Behind this idea, there are personal interests, the exploitation of goods and people, the defence of corrupt powers, weapon manufacturers and dealers, new forms of colonialism. On the contrary, we know that war is inhumane and illegal and it should be stopped. Alternatives exist and we want to promote them with everyday actions, non violent, education, acceptance and inclusion, solidarity and cooperation, dialogue and reconciliation, respect for diversity and coexistence, solidarity economy and decent work.
Against the spread of these dangerous ideas and irresponsible policies we strengthen our commitment to peace!
Sunday, October 9, 2016 be part of it:
join the Perugi Assisi March for Peace and Fraternity and  send your organisational endorsment of the initiative
Participe and make sure that the Perugi-Assisi is the march of those who stand up against tthese dangerous ideas, of those who are committed, every day, to transform societies, build peace, hospitality, solidarity, dialogue, non-violence and brotherhood.
Tavola della Pace – Rete della Pace Italian Peace Table – Peace Network